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Owner: Carol Frank, President, Avian Adventures, Inc.

Bird's Name: 

Dear Tom, I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your product over the last 12 years I have been feeding it. I have tried other pelleted diets and my Eclectus (Murphy Green) and my Caique (Chuck) consistently prefer Roudybush. Their happy dispositions and the ongoing compliments I receive on their feather quality makes me confident that I have chosen not only the product my birds prefer, but the one that keeps them looking and feeling great!
Owner: Stacy Shue, Bird Owner

Bird's Name: 

I absolutely love this brand of pellet. The breeder that I purchased my Maxi Pionus from, feeds all of her birds and her breeders Roudybush. After seeing what a nice job it does, I switched all of my birds to it.
Owner: Patti Hart, Bird Owner

Bird's Name: 

Your food has kept all my birds, parrotlet, cockatiel, and cockatoo healthy and happy for many years. They all look wonderful and they have had nothing but your food and veggies.... Many Thanks!
Owner: Laura Guthrie

Bird's Name: unknown

I recently had a mix-up with an order that was sent to the wrong address. As I have recently moved to a rural area, sometimes things take longer to arrive, it took me a while to notice. I called the 800 number and explained my problem. Customer service was extremely helpful and had the matter figured out and taken care of the very next day. I just received my replacement, and I just wanted to thank your company and helpful staff for all the great work. I order things online very often and have never encountered a company so willing to help when there are issues with the order.
Owner: Victoria Antonjuk

Bird's Name: Pettie

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, it helped my lovebird Pettie that has been feather plucking for years. I got Pettie and she was on an all-seed diet for most of her life. She also had plucked all the feathers on her back and had a huge wound that she would pick at all the time. I tested her for everything and thought it was behavioral, but something in the back of my mind told me that there had to be something in her blood that was causing her to itch, or she was allergic to something. She was on other pellets and other foods, but nothing helped. I finally figured out that she was probably allergic to additives and dyes in typical pellets, so I bought Roudybush from you... and WOW!!! in just a couple of days, she stopped plucking and her wound healed completely. She is now healthy and happy. She's fully feathered and her plumage is very shiny. I also feed Roudybush to my other birds and they love the taste! Who would have thought that something so simple can have such amazing effects on my birds' health. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
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